Donate Crypto And Help People In Need

Would you like to give something back to society and do good in the long term? With a crypto donation to the German Doctors, you give people in need around the world the chance for a better life. In addition, the volunteer doctors on-site provide acute medical care and build health structures that have a lasting effect. Learn how metamask works and your crypto donation will help.

Help with your crypto donation from metamask

Give people in need the chance of a self-determined life. With a crypto donation to the German Doctors, you give people all over the world access to medical care. Since they focus on helping people to help themselves in each of their projects, it has a particularly sustainable effect right from the start. In this way, external help becomes superfluous in the long term.

Help quickly and effectively: Your crypto donation will be converted directly into fiat currency so that it directly helps people in the Global South. Since all German Doctors work on a voluntary basis, a maximum amount really goes where it is needed.

Enjoy a tax advantage: Since your crypto donation is converted directly, they can issue you a donation receipt. You can also claim your crypto donation to German Doctors for tax purposes.

What are crypto donations?

Crypto donations are donations in the form of digital cryptocurrency that are processed via the blockchain. From a tax point of view, crypto donations are treated as donations in kind.

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How does a cryptocurrency donation work?

You can easily donate your cryptocurrency to German Doctors via BitPay. Decide in advance how much you would like to donate to people in need and enter your desired donation amount in the cryptocurrency of your choice.

How does your crypto donation help?

Your crypto donation helps in different countries of the Global South. Where suffering and misery are part of everyday life and most people cannot afford to see a doctor, German Doctors work to improve local health care in the long term.

In concrete terms, this means they provide acute medical care, carry out preventive measures such as hygiene training or train the local staff on-site in such a way that external work becomes superfluous in the long term.

They do this because everyone has the right to medical care no matter where a patient comes from. With your crypto donation, you set an important example and ensure that volunteer doctors can still help tomorrow.